Message From the Director of International Relations

Larissa Valenzuela joined the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as the Director of International Relations in the Fall of 2010. Previously, Larissa worked with the Mexican Consulate of Tucson and the General Consulate of Phoenix. In addition, Larissa served as the President of Canaco Magdalena, a chamber of commerce located in Sonora, Mexico. She resides in the Tucson area with her husband, Francisco Romero and child.

(520) 620-0005

Larissa Valenzuela se unió a la Cámara de Comercio Hispana de Tucson como el Director de Relaciones Internacionales en el otoño de 2010. Anteriormente, trabajó con el Larissa Consulado de México en Tucson y el Consulado General de Phoenix. Además, Larissa sirvió como el presidente de la Canaco Magdalena, una cámara de comercio ubicado en Sonora, México. Ella reside en el área de Tucson con su esposo, Francisco Romero y la niña.
Welcome to the International Relations Section of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC)! Over the last two years our international membership has doubled, and we have increased our membership benefits and services for those interested in working internationally.

The International Relations Department was created as part of our mission to offer services that correspond to the need of our regional market and members. In addition, the THCC is always looking to find new strategies that will drive the prosperous development of our membership base and business entities.

Our mission is to promote the growth, development and prosperity of our member businesses while promoting the Southern Arizona/Sonora region, whose diverse population has a very strong Hispanic presence.

The growing Hispanic market and its purchasing power has a powerful presence in our region, as well as its culture. A parallel market niche with our neighbors from the south must be fully taken advantage of benefitting both regions. Traditionally Mexican consumers and business entities have been our principal trade partners and customers.

The trend will continue and the opportunities in the areas of business and trade expansion on both sides of the border will increase. Only 90 kilometers separate Tucson from Mexico and that short distance gives us an opportunity to develop trade and commerce. It becomes a central expansion point to many other opportunities since we can expand to the east, west, north and south. This natural advantage magnifies with the expansion of the Nogales Port of Entry. This expansion will also help the effectiveness of business trade between Arizona and Sonora and other states such as Sinaloa.

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber is the best option to help you grow your business in this globalization era.

International Services:
Advice, orientation in the different areas of International Trade

Specialized agendas to promote products and / or services

List of suppliers / customers on both sides of the border

Representation with Mexican Authorities for the establishment, expansion and business development as well as problem solving

Organize business summits

Develop workshops and seminars in Mexico, focusing on the teaching and practices of international trade policies and procedures, custom process, treasury guidelines and all those pertaining to the international relations aspect of our economy

Organize trade agendas (one-on-one) for business procurement

Publish and promote, within our publications and membership directories, news of interest to our members, sales requirements, new policies and procedures, formats and events as well as a list of new members.

THCC’s attendance at foreign trade events to promote our partners and membership base

THCC’s attendance to promote our business network on both sides of the border

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber works closely with the State of Sonora, Mexico, the Mexican Consulate in Tucson, the cities of Magdalena, Santa Ana, Imuris, Caborca and five Mexican chambers of commerce in Nogales and Hermosillo.

Larissa Valenzuela, the Director of International Relations for the Tucson Hispanic Chamber may be contacted for any information at 520-620-0005 or at