Most Frequently Asked Questions


1. What exactly does the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce do?

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce provides programs and services to assist in the growth and development of our members’ businesses. We host a variety of networking events to assist our members and sponsors in identifying potential vendors, employees and customers. We also host a number of educational workshops and special events to grow our members’ businesses.

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber (THCC) has several active committees in which members can improve their leadership capabilities. The THCC is an advocate in the community for small business and provides endorsement on key issues facing our businesses.

2. Because of its name—Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce—one would assume that you would have to be Hispanic or fluent in Spanish to be a member. Or at the very least, one would think that a business would have to cater primarily to a Hispanic-based population. Is that correct?

We hear this question a lot at the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. In fact, you don’t have to be Hispanic or speak Spanish to join the Tucson Hispanic Chamber. According to data provided by Scarborough Research, a premier source for consumer shopping insights, “Now more than ever before it is essential and necessary for businesses to invest 50 percent of their marketing budget to successfully be able to tap into this lucrative and fast growing market”.
Why? Because advertising that attracts and captures the non-Hispanic market doesn’t necessarily just “translate” into the Hispanic perspective.
Innovative marketing approaches are needed, and for that you need to make an emotional, cultural and intellectual connection with your target market. This is where the Tucson Hispanic Chamber can help!
The THCC is one of the most dynamic and fast growing Hispanic chambers in Arizona, providing you with access to the Hispanic market and a broad base of businesses operating in the Tucson community and surrounding areas in Southern Arizona.

3. There are several Chambers of Commerce in the Tucson area. Why would one want to belong to the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce?

The Tucson region boasts a number of good Chambers of Commerce – some focus geographically and others ethnically. Almost 40% of our community is Hispanic. Hispanic-owned businesses are the fastest growing segment of the business community. We are positioned to assist you in tapping into a new market or deepening your cultural understanding of the Hispanic market. With our great programs and services – how could you not be a member of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce?

4. What events does the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce sponsor? Are your meetings and events conducted in English or in Spanish?

Most of our events and meetings are conducted in English. We have two key events each month – a Fiesta Mixer held the first Thursday of each month; and a Monthly Networking Luncheon held the third Thursday of each month. In addition, we host special events such as our Noche de Exitos Gala, a State Legislative Breakfast, Hispanic Marketing series and many business education workshops. All of our events are open to members and their guests.

We host an event every other month in Spanish. We will notify you in advance if it is in Spanish and translation services are available.

5. What are some of the major benefits to becoming a member of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce?
The Tucson Hispanic Chamber offers a variety of benefits and networking opportunities to help businesses succeed. Some of the benefits you will enjoy by becoming a member of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are listed below:
Receive our Membership Directory and gain access to our member database.
Networking and Fellowship opportunities at our many events
Chamber Job Board / Job Posting and press releases
Discounted advertising and promotional opportunities through El Informe quarterly e-newsletter
Advocacy – be informed about issues and policies that impact business
Monthly Fiesta Mixers
Leadership opportunities through our various chamber committees
Access to booth space during our monthly membership luncheons and Expos
Business Development Seminars and Workshops
Ability to link to our THCC website, Member-to-Member discounts and the ability to create your own webpage

6. Does belonging to a Chamber of Commerce really pay off? Aren’t there better ways to market oneself and make one’s business well-known in the community?
The advantage to a Chamber of Commerce is that you are joining other like minded business people – Businesses who understand the benefits to networking and creating relationships in the community. Chambers also have the ability to attract high quality speakers and educational resources for their members. They can act as advocates for your business if you run into a challenge with a government agency. In fact, they can be a great referral source to grow your business!

7. What companies are among the Tucson Hispanic Chamber’s major supporters?
We promote and encourage our members to support our corporate sponsors. Our corporate partners include many of our communities largest employers and can be viewed on our home page.

8. How long has the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce been in existence? How many members does the Chamber have overall?

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber was founded in 1989 by a group of local businesspeople. We have recently celebrated our 22nd anniversary! Our chamber has over 800 business members with over 1100 location – and we’ve set a goal to exceed 1000 business members in 2012!

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