Member Benefits

What You Get

When you join the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce you receive a system called a Traffic Catcher System (“TCS”) that’s used to get your business fully optimized for the Area Search Engine powered by Google. This tool will often become the “Official” area search engine for the community served. A perfect solution for getting the LOCAL traffic you are looking for.
This technology is easily optimized and will serve as an ideal prospect delivery and presentation system for your business. Members who don’t already have a formal website, may convert this into a full website and order a custom domain at no charge from the system at no charge. The presentation is beautiful and is fully expandable (Sample).
You will be electronically connected to the Tucson Hispanic Chamber member directory and sent out to search engines for automated indexing.
Additionally, this information is leveraged to auto-create a mobile phone website. This provides a perfect mobile ad companion to marketing tools like twitter. Since your mobile phone site includes coupon automation then sending out coupons through twitter’s sms texting service is now possible at NO COST.

Who Supports You?

We do… 100% USA based telephone support center is open daily from 9am to 5pm pacific standard time, or any time through our automated help desk located at

Why You Should Participate

Because you want to grow your business, but don’t have the time, energy or money to get it done. If you do have the time and money where is your LOCAL traffic coming from today to deliver prospects? Without all of these tools in place for your business, you’ll be hard-pressed to succeed online without wasting a lot of time (and money).

Members who activate their advertising system receive the following information:

Edit Website

When you first log-in you will see a "Manage Website" button on the bottem of the page to press in order to get started. Once clicked, the system will walk you through an easy to follow wizard to begin the optimization process. You will want to have a picture of yourself or business ready, business hours, a list of 3 to 10 products or services you offer, and a paragraph or two about your business to complete the process. If you have a brochure or existing website you can cut and paste information from there. Many Chambers offer setup services to all new members. If your chamber offered this service when you joined then someone will be calling you soon, but you can still get started if you would like. You can always go back and make changes and additions at any time.

Mark LeBlanc

Mark LeBlanc will lead you through an online interview to help you create a powerful online positioning for your business:
  • Download "Growing your Business" book as an additional resource to getting the most out of your Chamber Nation system
  • Create a defining statement that will quickly explain what you do to all viewers
  • Create logical search tags for search optimization
  • Create a industry positioning statement
  • Create a mission statement

Mobile Website

How does your website look on mobile phones? With the Chamber's ChamberByPhone.Mobi system your website looks perfect on small mobile phone screens. Another way the Chamber of Commerce is promoting your business better than ever locally and through national search engines like Google. Nothing extra is needed as this is automatically generated based on the content you add to the main traffic catcher website.

Upload Logo

During the process you will have a chance to upload your company logo. This logo is used at the top of your website and advertising system, used on coupons and when you place press releases for Internet consumption.

Create a Photo Tour

A really nice scrolling photo tour is created by simply uploading photos. Most businesses use this to provide an inside tour of their business or contractors often use to show pictures their completed projects.

Create Coupons

A coupon is a great way to develop business so the Chamber offers you a chance to create coupons that will be showcased through the Chamber of Commerce website. These coupons are sorted for the public by business category and by the name of your business. Visitors can print and forward coupons to others they think would benefit from what you offer. The system will allow you to setup many coupons that can start and stop automatically by date and you will be able to track the number of views too.

Connect to Social Networks

Ever wanted to have a website that can connect your visitors to all of the other Internet properties you use promote your online message? Now you can through the Chamber of Commerce. We are currently supporting connections with Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, MySpace and others.

Mapping to Business

The system will default to create a map for people to find your physical location for your business. If you are a home based business, or work remotely you can choose to hide the map from your advertising system.

Appointment Request

Included as a default service is a way for people visiting your site to quickly request an appointment with your business. This may be turned off from within the system "Edit Website" function.

Who I Do Business With

One of the most popular reasons people join the Chamber is so that members can easily do business with each other to help local commerce succeed. When the public visits the Chamber website they often view the member directory. When you go in and identify the other Chamber businesses you actually do business with, it becomes a very powerful referral system. You likely have customers that do business with you because they trust you... now they can see who you do business with so they can give them a shot too.

News Articles

News articles are interesting insights into your business for the visiting public to read. There is a news module included so that you can easily post news stories about your business. Use it to help others understand the value of your business.

Catalog Shopping Link

If you already have an online store or catalog you can attach it easily to your traffic catcher system. When you add the URL it will activate a shopping button on your site. (if you don't have this now please see "Buy Local Program" below)

Lodging Reservations

If you are in the hospitality industry and you activate this module you will now have an indicator on your site and on the Chamber member directory that you offer online reservations. (if you don't have this now please see "Buy Local Program" below)

Restaurant Take Out / Reservation

If you already offer restaurant reservations or take out services from your website you can enter the URL and your site and the Chamber member directory will link directly to it. (if you don't have this now please see "Buy Local Program" below)

Video Production / Distribution

Built in to the system is a powerful way to distribute existing advertising through the Chamber website. If you don't already have a video commercial on yourself or business, you can easily create one from inside the Chamber Nation system.

Buy Local Program

The Buy Local Program is a powerful advertising system enabling you to create online advertisements in various formats to match the type of business you’re in. For instance, a store might want to offer goods online at a price, a dentist may want to offer various services, a car dealer may just want to show cars but not sell, and others may want to offer a way for people to make offers on items or services that they offer. In any case this system makes it possible to advertise display ads easily online through the Chamber of Commerce.
In the hospitality industry a bed and breakfast might need a way to accept reservation requests. Employers may want to post job openings online and accept applications online. If you have milk to sell or bridges to build this is the perfect application to QUICKLY AND EASILY expand your web presence by up to 1000 individual display ads which are all individually indexed on the Internet and showcased by the Chamber of Commerce.


1. Imports the information from your completed Traffic Catcher System so it’s fast to configure.
2. Quickly update your system with new advertisements right from your email enabled cell phone.
3. Create up to one-thousand (1000) individual display advertisements. (That’s another 1000 pages advertising your business)
4. Sell items or display items and/or professional services throughout the Internet (no online selling)
5. Built-in FREE shopping cart that sends the buyer a purchase receipt and you an order electronically. You collect the money by handling just as if it was a phone order. If you are not selling then the system will send inquiry requests to your email address.
6. Monthly marketing and advertising reports provided.
Simply the most local targeted advertising system ever to leverage the exceptional online Chamber of Commerce traffic.